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Stories and Questions for Winning Meetings


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Meetings that Sell!

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This is the course for effective client meetings

Based on a unique conversation model called a Diamond Dialogue this course consolidates twenty years of Mike's selling experience into a single course. 

We recommend you take this course AFTER the Seven Stories Course storytelling course


Proven Framework

A path to mastery

Mastery of the client conversation is the goal of this course. You'll learn the subtle questioning techniques and stories that put your future customer at ease and allow you to fully understand their situation before proposing anything!

About Your Instructor

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

CEO, Co-founder and Chief Storyteller at The Story Leader

Author of of the international bestseller, Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell,  Mike is CEO and Chief Storyteller at The Story Leader

Mike has personally sold more than a billion dollars of products and services and managed sales teams in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia in IT Software, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Mining, Facilities Services and Industrial Products sectors.

Since 2014, Mike's consulting company, has been helping all types of B2B leaders find and deliver their best stories and create their own story teams.


10 Module Video Instruction

Quizzes for comprehension

Worksheets for your meeting preparation

Sophisticated Question Structure

Unique IDEAL questioning and listening model

Access to the Seven Stories Group discussion


I came away with a framework, tools and insights that I can use to coach my sales team
Emy Escalona Sales Manager@Oracle
Mike's professionalism, presentation style and programme material is the best I have encountered in the industry.
Barry Edwards Principal Consultant
Mike has done it again! His Client Meeting Skills course is a revelation and changed how we approach the sales process.
Malcolm Boyd CEO@CMA


Introduction to winning meetings (SM01)


  • A Meeting Tale - warm up FREE PREVIEW
  • INTENT is more Important than Technique - ethics check FREE PREVIEW
  • Introduction to Story Meetings FREE PREVIEW

Create Interest! (SM02)


  • Creating Interest
  • ROLE PLAY - Create Interest FREE PREVIEW
  • Create Interest Quiz
  • Download Course Worksheet

Diagnose to understand (SM03)


  • Diagnosing to understand the customer's situation
  • ROLE PLAY - Diagnosing
  • Diagnosing Quiz
  • WORKSHEET - Diagnosing

Explore for Objectives and Challenges (SM04)


  • Exploring Objectives Opportunities and Challenges
  • ROLE PLAY - Exploring for Objectives, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Exploring Quiz
  • WORKSHEET - Exploring for Objectives and Challenges

Assess Impact (SM05)


  • Impact and Consequence
  • ROLE PLAY - Assessing Impact
  • Assessing Impact QUIZ
  • WORKSHEET - Impact and Consequences

Limitations and other Plans (SM06)


  • Limitations and Constraints
  • ROLE PLAY - Limitations, Constraints and Plans
  • Customer Limitations and Plans Quiz
  • WORKSHEET - Limitations and Plans

Solution and Next Steps (SM07)


  • Proposing a Solution
  • Commitment to an Advance FREE PREVIEW
  • Locking in Next Steps
  • ROLE PLAY - Proposing and Next Steps
  • ROLE PLAY - Managing Objections
  • ROLE PLAY - Challenging
  • WORKSHEET - Proposing and Next Steps

Putting it Together and the IDEAL Conversation (SM08)


  • Putting it all Together - Real Meetings
  • A Review of the Type Questions
  • The IDEAL Meeting
  • Selling Change - Complete Role Play FREE PREVIEW
  • WORKSHEET - Simulation Practice Preparation

Work habits and Meeting Best Practice (SM09)


  • Meeting Work Habits - Best Practice FREE PREVIEW
  • Knowing and Doing FREE PREVIEW

References and Further Reading (SM10)


  • History of B2B Meeting Skills Theory and Further Reading
  • More on Handling Objections

Frequently Asked Questions

How much effort is required?

The course is only takes a couple of hours to complete but putting the ideas into practice takes effort. Usually 2-3 months of deliberate practise. Don't sign-up if you are not willing to practise.

Can people from any country take the course?

Yes, we are setup for that. Our time zone is Melbourne Australia but we have students all over the world. 

What if I have a question about the course?

We are available to answer your questions - either from the in course discussion or via email. If you get really stuck we can help via video conference.

What do I do with the worksheet information that I fill in if I am not coached?

We recommend you review your worksheets with your manager or a colleague - and keep them handy, its valuable information.

How could I find our more about the instructor?

You can check Mike's LinkedIn profile for up-to-date information about Mike Adams

More question? Click on the support link below

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