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The Secret to Persuasive Conversations


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How master salespeople secretly persuade

The words you say are important, but how you say them is even more important!


Speak Like a Master ...


Your learn five 'selling' voice tones. Ways of speaking that master salespeople cycle through as they speak. You'll also learn five 'non-selling' tones - how most salespeople speak and how they unconsciously ruin their chances.

About Your Instructor

Mike Adams

Mike Adams

CEO, Co-founder and Chief Storyteller at The Story Leader

Author of of the international bestseller, Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell,  Mike is CEO and Chief Storyteller at The Story Leader

Mike has personally sold more than a billion dollars of products and services and managed sales teams in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia in IT Software, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Mining, Facilities Services and Industrial Products sectors.

Since 2014, Mike's consulting company, has been helping all types of B2B leaders find and deliver their best stories and create their own story teams.


Mike Adams runs a superb online workshop
Martin Stevens CEO @ Pipeline Doctors
Mike is very motivating and has the experience that shines through. Great techniques that can be very valuable in your sales skills moving forward in your career.
Adam Wendt Business Development Manager
Mike speaks from a depth of knowledge and business experience and with real insight
Anne Sutherland-Kelly Fellow at Monash University

Who is this course for?

Sales Leaders


New Business Development

Professional Services

Anyone that needs to persuade!


What do we mean voice tone? (1)


  • Introduction Video FREE PREVIEW

Psychology of voice tonality (2)


  • The physiology of Voice Tone FREE PREVIEW
  • Psychology Quiz FREE PREVIEW

The 'Selling' Character Types (3)


  • The Selling Voice Tone Archetypes
  • Selling Archetypes Quiz
  • Keeping the Faith Video Clip Link - see 00:56 seconds

The 'Non-Selling' Character Types (4)


  • The Non Selling Tonal Archetypes
  • Non-selling Archetypes Quiz

Scripting a Cold Call for Voice Tone (5)


  • Scripting for Voice Tone - so you succeed!
  • Scripting for Voice Tone Quiz

Hearing Voice Tone - Examples to help you out (6)


  • Voice Tone Example - The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Wolf of Wall Street Clip
  • Exercise - Listening for Voice Tone

Practising Voice Tone - Your Turn (7)


  • Introduction to Whatsapp video messaging
  • Voice Tone Practice Exercises

Reference Material (8)


  • Wolf of Wall St. Clip - Open this YouTube link then start next text-only video for the annotation
  • Wolf of Wall Street - Annotations and Comments (Text only)
  • References and Sources

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase the coaching pack later, after I've been through the online part?

Yes, that's perfectly OK but places are limited.

How much effort is required?

The course is only takes a couple of hours to complete but putting the ideas into practice takes effort. Usually 2-3 months of effort. Don't sign-up if you are not willing to practise.

Can you coach people in any country?

Yes, we are setup for that. Our time zone is Melbourne Australia but we have students all over the world. 

What if I have a question about the course?

We are available to answer your questions - either from the in course discussion or via email. If you get really stuck we can help via video conference.

What do I do with the worksheet information that I fill in if I am not coached?

We recommend you review your worksheets with your manager or a colleague - and keep them handy, its valuable information.

How could I find our more about the instructor?

You can check Mike's LinkedIn profile for up-to-date information about Mike Adams

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